Tyndrum to Connel - "Path to the Isles"

On going Feasibility Study for 58km of trail suitable for walkers and mountain bike users. This project is being undertaken as a joint venture between the company and Pick Everard. The key objectives for the path are :-
  • Providing for shared use by a wide range of users including walkers, cyclists and horse riders of all abilities and ages where possible.
  • Not to adversely affect the land management or other interests of the relevant landowners/managers/tenants
  • Consider in terms of the environmental impacts so it can be constructed in a way that makes a minimal impact on the landscape, environment and disturbance to wildlife in the area and avoids urbanising the landscape corridor through which it runs.
  • The design will take into consideration the special landscape qualities of the existing routes in terms of their naturalness and the experience they offer.
  • The path should pass close to or through communities.
  • Provide links to the existing public transportation network in particular railway stations and bus stops.

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