South Loch Ness Trail

The South Loch Ness Trail stretches from the pleasant woodland walks of Torbreck Woods near Inverness, through the ancient lands of South Loch Ness to Loch Tarff high above the village of Fort Augustus. 45 kilometres (28 miles) in length, the trail follows a mixture of good paths and tracks across moor and woodland as well as quiet minor roads. The South Loch Ness trail captures the essence of the south side, peaceful, wild and rich in heritage, plants and wildlife. My role as Project Manager for this high profile trail at the design and planning stage included technical and commercial assessment of potential routes, Planning applications, consultations with local communities, local authorities and landowners along the length of the route, design of the path and the design development of a 15m pedestrian bridge. Cost appraisal of the overall scheme also formed a fundamental part of my duties as Project Manager. Thereafter my role changed from the Planning stage to the Construction stage. My remit included the development of a Contractor prequalification process to ensure the project was constructed by organisations who understood the health, safety and environmental aspects as well as the technical difficulties of trail construction in remote locations using site won material. Monitoring progress of the works as well as dealing with the day to day technical issues that arise also formed part of the core duties.


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