Highland Wildcat – Mountain Bike Trails, Golspie, Sutherland

Duration 8 months. Value approx £600k - The first phase of this project included the construction of 18Km of trail. My role as Project Manager for these works required the planning and co-ordination of the activities of three independent Contractors along with the role of safety and environmental co-ordinator. Financial monitoring was key on this project as funding was limited. This required the production of weekly reports indicating forecasted out-turn cost for the Client. The trails are designed to be durable in all conditions and therefore include a large proportion of rock in the more extreme sections. This rock comprises large sandstone slabs found on the hill laid out as a pavement or built into a more difficult riding feature. The trail surfaces are derived from this material and provide generally smooth and fast running conditions suitable for mixed abilities.


HighlandWildCat1 HighlandWildCatTrail

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